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Universal 2.0 Moto Magnet Mobile Phone Holder Motorcycle

Artikelnummer: 01-01-08-Moto
GTIN: 4262375690002

Universal 2.0 Moto Magnet Mobile Phone Holder Motorcycle

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  • FAST – Fix your cell phone super quickly by simply placing it on the magnetic holder. No more complicated assembly by screwing, clamping or twisting. Just suck it up and off you go.
  • SIMPLE - Your bike remains free of bulky and bulky holders or rubber bands. The clean design is not unpleasant, the connections are free and the display is not covered.
  • SAFE – Stable hold without compromise. High-performance neodymium magnets in combination with a special surface ensure maximum adhesion. Secure hold, even at high speeds.
  • COMPATIBLE – Discover the many possible uses of our system, for example in the car or office. Smartphones, on-board computers, navigation systems and all devices with a smooth surface can be attached.
  • MADE IN GERMANY – Buy directly from the manufacturer and support the regional economy. Young company in Rhineland Palatinate with excellent customer service and a large inventory of spare parts.

Suitable for handlebars:
Ø 30 – 31.8 mm
Ø 23.6 – 25.4 mm
Ø 20.4 – 22.2 mm

The high-quality Universal 2.0 Moto Magnet mobile phone holder motorcycle not only impresses with its modern design, but also with the secure hold of the mobile phone on the holder. The special anti-slip layer ensures additional adhesion.

In addition, the mounting and removal of the mount on your motorcycle is very convenient and requires no specialist knowledge. Attaching your cell phone, which is often difficult with other holders - especially with motorcycle gloves - is also intuitive here.

The practical Universal 2.0 Moto Magnet mobile phone holder also differs from other holders in that it does not have any disadvantages, such as a covered display or ports. By using high-quality materials such as aluminum, stainless steel screws and epoxy resin, unstable attachment is a thing of the past.

The soft surface dampens shocks. In addition, our magnets are not dangerous for your cell phone or the data on it. You can find more information on the topic in our blog post .

Our system eliminates the need to purchase a new case, meaning there are no costs associated with purchasing a new cell phone. Trust in our many years of experience in this area and invest money in a new mounting system for the last time.

Get maximum comfort for your next trip with your motorcycle with the matching Universal 2.0 Moto Magnet Mobile Phone Holder Motorcycle in our shop!

Thanks to the unlimited flexibility, all options for attaching your smartphone are now open to you. Check out all the magnetic holders and magnetize your everyday life.

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