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DC DC 8V-36V zu 5V 10A

Artikelnummer: 02-01-02
GTIN: 0096718089512

DC DC 8V-36V zu 5V 10A

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Application | The modules are widely used in the areas of motor vehicles, solar power, industrial plants, trucks, boats, agricultural machinery, camping, mobile facilities, hobby and DIY as well as home and garden.

Waterproof IP68 | The converter is waterproofed with epoxy resin and can be used separately, e.g. outdoors as a power supply for lighting or at sea, installed in boats.

Protective circuits | Overvoltage protection, reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, overload protection as well as overheating protection ensure safety. Please refer to the data sheet of the respective unit.

Production | By producing in an ISO 9001 certified factory with function tests and quality checks, we can minimise defects and optimise work processes and costs.

Robust | Casting the electronic parts in the housing ensures excellent stability and resistance to vibrations. High durability and integrity are guaranteed.

Connection | The DC/DC converter is supplied with tin-plated, open ends. Please refer to the respective data sheet for the cross-section and cable length.

Power | When selecting the unit, ensure that there is sufficient leeway in the voltage range, both upwards and downwards. Plan for upward buffers in the current intensity due to increased initial loads.

Caution | Never operate electrical appliances permanently at the power limit, as this may cause damage. Ensure that the cables are intact and that the polarity of the connections is correct.

Not suitable | QC (Quick Charge) is not possible with these dc-dc converters. This requires communication between the charger and the terminal.

Cooling | The module can deliver the maximum specified output current without active cooling and therefore operates silently. Depending on the load, it may generate heat.

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