Unser modifizierter Reparaturstecker🔌

Our modified repair plug🔌

I am pleased to present you our new product today, in which we use unique manufacturing processes and meet the highest quality standards.

Charge the smartphone or navigation system on the motorcycle. In any case! But how right?
Without enough power for the devices, things quickly become uncomfortable, especially in unfamiliar territory. So why not use the on-board battery if it provides enough juice. For this purpose, BMW installed a factory-installed socket at which three wires end, one of which is plus and one minus. Now add the right plug and you have positive ignition without having to go to the battery - or cut a positive cable. Perfect!
Unfortunately, BMW has changed the polarity of the positive and negative cables over the years, so you have to measure the cables to identify the correct one.

With our Bauer Motorbike repair connector 3-pin 611656 (83300413585) we are setting new standards in terms of safety and protection from external influences. The special shrink tubing cover has been tested on the toughest terrain and has high mechanical resistance properties, flexibility, is flame retardant and is characterized by excellent resistance to chemical substances.

The hose also has the following specifications/norms:

  • UL, E35586, 600V, 125°C
  • CSA, LR31929, 600V, 125°C
  • Military, Def. Stan. 59-97 Type 2B, VG 95343 Pt 5
  • Industry, VDE 0341 Pt 9005

The lines are laid parallel into the hose using a special process. The cables can be distinguished by looking into the plug. The pins are marked with numbers that continue to the end.

Trust in our Plug 'N' Play solution and rely on the highest quality at a fair price.
Bauer Motorbike repair plug 3-pin 611656 (83300413585) Cartool plug | with shrink tubing and open ends | For BMW motorcycle with CAN bus socket | 12V adapter for smartphone cell phone navigation

With the voltage converter and plug combo you have everything you need for your charging system.
Bauer Motorbike USB charging current connection kit | For BMW motorcycle with CAN bus socket | 12V adapter for smartphone, mobile phone, navigation system Repair plug 3-pin 611656 (83300413585) Cartool plug

UPDATE: August 10, 2021

Customers are our most valuable asset. That's why we listen to them!

  • The cables can now be distinguished by color: yellow, green and blue. In conjunction with the legend in the operating instructions, the numbering is easier to recognize.
  • High quality butt connectors were included to ensure a clean connection.

We will be happy to help you with any questions about installation or the product itself. Write to us or call us straight away!

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