Sinnvolle App’s und Zubehör

Useful apps and accessories

There are many ways to increase your riding fun on your two-wheeler using your smartphone!
With wireless headphones - like those from MPOW - that prevent them from slipping out while driving, you can make phone calls, navigate or simply listen to music. I myself usually ride with headphones on the right and on the motorcycle, as well as hearing protection on the left. But that's a matter of taste!

Now here are a few apps that I have come to know and love.
First of all, Spotify - music is always playing for me - sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly.
Then Google Maps – of course – everyone knows it!
To explore new routes, here is an app from the German colleagues Calimoto .
Apps like MyRide are ideal for measuring routes or lean angles.
Not to be forgotten is the OBD (on-board diagnosis) . With the plug and the right app, vehicle data such as oil temperature, fault memory, etc. can be conveniently displayed and edited on your cell phone.
And the best thing at the end: the rain radar ! How many times has this app guided me home through the dark cloud fields.
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