Schaden Magnete meinem Gerät?

Do magnets damage my device?

Pure magnetism does not harm the electronics!

There used to be a problem that the storage media of electronic devices could be influenced by magnets or were damaged or deleted.

Smartphones have experienced technical advances in all areas in recent years. Smartphone manufacturers are counteracting the impact of magnets on their devices and developing them to be more resistant than before.

The magnetic influence in everyday life is great; there are a number of things that contain magnets and that we use every day quite unconsciously. For example magnetic holders, bag closures or magnetic contacts.
However, magnetic fields can influence the compass, image stabilizer or reception performance. However, this only occurs in temporary cases and does not permanently damage the smartphone.
The dangers of heat and cold are far greater and sometimes have a massive impact on the battery. It is important to ensure that the charging process is not carried out under constant sunlight. Pay attention to where your smartphone is permanently stored. High and low temperatures should definitely be avoided. Some manufacturers specify an optimal operating temperature of 0 – 35 degrees Celsius.
Nowadays there are countless accessories for smartphones with integrated magnets. These are very popular worldwide and enrich our daily lives.
So you can use magnetic accessories without hesitation and enjoy their benefits!
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